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App NameRainmeter
AuthorRainmeter Team
Latest Version4.5.18
UpdateMay 24, 2024
Size(2.42 MB)
LicenseOpen Source
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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Rainmeter is open-source software for displaying customized skins on your PC. Skins are various types of tools such as single-purpose tools used as gadgets or widgets for Android devices, complex tools like miniature apps, bundled in suits, and so on. It is used for multiple purposes from documents to email, or for changing the appearance of your desktop. Get complete information about multiple hardware such as CPU, RAM, Network, Weather forecast, Battery power, RSS feed, playlist, photos, and so on to show data on any digital device; digital cameras, microphones, weather stations, video monitors, infrared detectors, GPS/RFID, and wireless network adapters.  

  1. Editing and security with open source code
  2. Multiple advanced features
  3. Windows default set of skins
  4. Improved usability
  5. Customization tools

Rainmeter Installation & Usability

Download and install the program, click the icon of the program to launch it, and start configuring the interface if you like from the ‘Settings’ option. The case of simply downloading skins online and apply on your desktop requires no technical skill. Just open your app screen and start managing your library with layouts. Here you make some basic changes such as the location of skins, transparency, ‘always on top behavior, and so on. Click the ‘Windows Notification Area’ icon and right-click on the ‘context menu’ for accessing loaded skins. 

Interface Configuration

Multiple customization options are added by the developers for improving the user interface considerably, but still, a lot of confusing configuration options make the app a little bit complicated for beginners. Two methods for configuration are available;

  1. Direct from the app can be easily managed from the Windows control panel interface.
  2. Through Web-based interface offers some screens to select before using the app for PC. Select username and password for enabling the app. An activation code is also provided by the app for activating Rainmeter skin on the desktop of your computer. 

Fast Performance

The app is lightweight and consumes a few resources of the hardware of your system. It works in the fastest way and downloads unlimited skins layout and saves to your system within seconds. It is completely compatible with all types of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and so on. 

Desktop Customization

The software works like a robust toolkit to personalize the desktop display in a unique way. It gives the power of style with powerful features for creating as well as modifying your own skins in the language you like. Get elegant skins with the feature-pack capability to check the productivity as well as the performance of your system. No doubt, the software takes a revolution in the look and style of Windows.


Customer Service

If you are a beginner and want to take some help with using the app. Contact the thriving community of developers or read the “Getting Started” feature before starting of downloading skins. You can visit the ‘forum’ or go to the ‘unofficial Rainmeter Discord’ and of course, join board #rainmeter IRC channel on libra. Chat. 

Safe & Secure

The program is tested by more than 50 antivirus software and proved completely safe for your system. So don’t bother and go to get some cool and amazing layouts for your desktop. It is also preinstalled app with an ‘Enigma’ theme for adding your clock, calendar, and RSS. The theme makes your desktop functional to make changes and edit the skins relatively. 


Free Access

Rainmeter skins are available as a freeware program as Windows XP Home Edition. You will find customization features for skins. You can avail advanced features such as font type, color, background color, and so on via purchasing the subscription plan. No doubt, it is a simple and easily applicable program for people who just want to use different skins for their desktops without using a penny. It offers a Windows default set of customizable skins that are unique and pretty. 

Final Words

All-in-all, Rainmeter is a lightweight and well-designed tool for customizable skins. It can change the look of your display screen and as an open-source utility, it enables you to create your own skins. It also monitors the productivity and performance of your computer. 

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