Sep 23, 2022 - IGTOOLS (Free)
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IGTools APK is an exclusive application used for Instagram to increase followers on your account. IGTools Turkish APK is a third-party with auto-tracking ability transfers, and unlimited followers, to your account and enables you to enhance your account on an international level. It is useful for business accounts where you can display your products and services to a large community and avail yourself of unlimited advantages. No need of collecting coins, just use the custom URL feature and start sending followers to your account limitlessly. 

Simple & Intuitive Interface

The app offers a simple process of downloading. After downloading, log in to your account using a username. There are not any complicated services or other such activities required. You need to create a fake Instagram profile while giving your email address and mobile number. You can open your official Instagram account from the app with an exclusive tap. The UI offers a simple navigation process and from the menu, you can start sending followers to your real account easily. You need to follow the given steps to carry on the process;

  • Source Selection: Source 1 and Source 2 are available for users to select any one. Start the process by clicking on the ‘GO’ button.
  • Sign In: complete your login process by entering your username and mobile number.
  • Followers sending: next step is to order followers from the menu for sending to your selected Instagram account. 
  • Grow Account: the number of required followers will be shown on the screen within a few seconds. Sit back in your chair and wait, the sending of followers process to your account will be automatically started. 

Auto-processing App

The works automatically without giving you bothering of manual work. You will find multiple automatic processes that save your time and energy;

  1. Auto Tracking; use the feature to follow the accounts of other users. They in return follow your account and help you to enhance your community and followers for your account.
  2. Auto-Live View: it is the best option for increasing live views for your account.
  3. Auto-Posting: the feature is used for uploading your information to other social media platforms and helps you to increase your audience. 

Poll your Vote

It offers multiple other services such as running ‘Polls’ by other users on their stories. You can also add your vote from the ‘Add Votes’ option. 

Increase your Community

Every one of us wants to become popular and it is quite possible at present with the help of multiple social media platforms. Instagram is one of the most competitive platforms where you need an attractive and unique profile for boosting your stats and contacts. IGTools APK is the best program that is used exclusively for Instagram for increasing IG members and likes for using the IG automation tool. Create interaction with popular profiles, share your feelings, and find everything you want for your account. 

Reposting on Instagram

Save the post you like and repost it on your account by only repeating the shared URL. Reapplying the attribution tag for the post and sending it right to your account. Here you will find the tool for getting color titles in the palette for using them as trends of Instagram signatures. Use hashtags for editing your post to make your post stand out.  


Unlimited Likes & Comments

You will find completely organic followers, likes, and comments using IGTools APK. No doubt, the original content on your account and some other features also help you to boost your profile. But, the app is the easiest way of collecting followers, likes, and comments without feeling fake or superficial. 

IGTools Narrative Scene

We upload a story on our account for a limited time. We want a lot of people to watch it and like it also. It is also possible with IGTools automated tools to increase the strength of viewers for your story

Final Words

IGTools APK for Android is a safe-to-use app as it has a valid SSL certificate. But, it is a third-party app that can be risky for stealing your personal data. It is not available round the clock for customer service. So, it may be risky for your official account to ban it for some time by the officials. It depends upon whether the user uses it or not. 

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UpdateSep 23, 2022
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