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Mar 27, 2024 - Telegram Freeware

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Telegram Web App for PC is a fast and free messaging app used for all types of devices like Windows and Mac OS X.A lightweight app as compared with other messaging apps.

Telegram web

Telegram Web is Usable for any Device

A simple app that can be used for any device. You can sign in through windows, iOS, and Android using a mobile app. It is a combination of messages and emails to fulfill your individual as well as business needs.

Use of Stickers

Decorate your message with a large number of the collection presented by the app. Insert emoticons and stickers to express your feelings easily.

Connected with Social media Networks

The app is inter-connect with popular social media networks. Like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. This will enable you to take a preview of all shared data within moments.

Automatic Synced between Phone and Desktop

The app gives automatic sync between your mobile and desktop. Search unlimited contacts through their username. You can mute unnecessary messages through notifications.

Group Chatting

Connect with several friends at the same time and create a group of about 1,000 people. You can delete any unwanted members from the group. The app offers different administrators. For the cause to change the profile photo and name of your group.

Telegram online

Remote Connection

Connect to your friends and family from any part of the world. Then share your feelings by sending videos and messages. You can also send your important documents with ease.

Security and fast speed

Security is the main issue for internet users. For this purpose, a telegram is the best choice as you can encrypt all the messages in the cloud. Without any secret chat option for the desktop version. Your messages can’t be saved in the company servers or forwarded.

Data Safety

Unlike other social media, apps Telegram assures you that your data will never be sold in any case.

Configuration Process

The process of configuration is very simple and fast. It requires very low support from users. The best thing about the process is that it has not any third-party parts. This will save you to use any unwanted software program.

Friendly Interface

With a stylish UI and an immense window, the interface is very easy to use. A red dotted icon in the system tries to alert you about the notifications and messages. This red dot gives flashing whenever you receive any notification. Thus you can carry on your work without any disturbance.

Authenticate your Mobile Number

You need authentication of your mobile number. For creating an account or visiting the existing one. Telegram provides a confirmation code. That is necessary for entering or joining the app at any time.

Give Personal Identity

Telegram requires you to give your name and picture while creating an account. Because it will easily connect you to your friends who already have your contact number.

Send Unlimited Messages

The app enables you to send unlimited messages, videos, or audio files of any size or type. All of your chattings will be saved in the telegram cloud. You can use it or remove it easily.

Cool and Entertaining

With influential pics as well as video editing tools. The app gives cool entertaining fun to use these tool tools and get unbelievable results.

Convenient and Trustworthy

Gives a reliable delivery even in bytes of your messages. A trustworthy app that can work even with a very weak internet connection.

Avoid irritating Ads

Telegram is free of cost app without any irritating ads or subscription charges.

Telegram barcode


The app enables you to work privately without any worry about your privacy. As the app introduces some options like Secret Chat. All of your conversations will self-destruct automatically from both devices. With this end-to-end encryption. Make sure your content will be read out by your recipient only.

Main Features

  • Fast, easy, and free of cost app
  • Synced with all types of devices
  • Use stickers to make your message colorful
  • Connected with all social media networks
  • Create a group of up to 1,000 people
  • Remotely connect your friends and family
  • 100% secure
  • Fast speed
  • Grantee of privacy
  • Save your data
  • Simple and fast configuration
  • Friendly interface
  • Authenticate your mobile number before creating a telegram account
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Convenient and trustworthy
  • Free of irritating ads
App NameTelegram Web
Latest VersionOnline
UpdateMar 27, 2024
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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