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Whatsapp Web Download for PC Windows (7/10/11) enables you to write and send messages very fast and easily both from your computer or Mac. This process needs some important items like;

  1. An Android or iPhone with a camera
  2. A Mac or PC with a web browser
  3. Network connectivity
  4. An updated version of WhatsApp
Whatsapp Web PC

The working style of Whatsapp Web

First of all, you need a mobile connection with your window, as it does not work without a mobile app. whenever you receive a message on your mobile, you could see it on your web. But without an internet connection for your mobile or in case of power off mobile, you can’t see any new improvement on your mobile.

Once you have all the items as mention above, run your WhatsApp web. On the mobile click, Menu>whatsApp and start the QR code reader. Your PC will read the QR code. It will give the sign of connection.

Let’s move to your keyboard and type anything you like. You can see photos, videos, and audio and download everything. You can make groups and have to talk to them and can disengage people from your mobile. The app enables you to share all of your good or bad memories with your loved ones. You can send emojis, GIFs as well as stickers to express your feelings. Sending documents, photos or videos is very easy now.

Priorities for WhatsApp

Some priorities are necessary to follow while running WhatsApp areas

  • Don’t refer to WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Not make or receive voice calls or video calls on WhatsApp
  • Don’t post new updates on WhatsApp
  • Don’t share your location or maps
  • Automatically downloaded photos or videos will be available, so don’t change the setting of WhatsApp
  • Don’t use a web browser at once
  • Setting for messages or wallpapers is limited

Besides some limitations, the use of WhatsApp is simple. In long chatting, the use of a keyboard is easy than mobile. It also gives you a chance to deal with your business activities easily. While chatting through the app you can use shortcuts on the keyboard.

Some security flaws were found at the first stage, but now the app claims complete encrypted messages. You have not any concerns about the safety of your photos or anything else on Whatsapp Web no cellular.

Guidelines for Whatsapp Web no celular

The extraordinary functions of WhatsApp will astonish you as it is rich in features and gives extensions too.

Monitor encryption for profound chat

Although, all conversation is encrypted through default. But, it’s better for you to check it twice before sending it to your connected person. Before starting, click the required person’s name, and next click on Encryption. A 40 digits pattern will appear on your screen. Verify this QR code by matching the digits with your contact’s code by pushing the button “Scan Code”. Now you are fully safe from any secret chatting.

Apply Safety Notices

During chat entry of new contact will create a new security code. In the case of changing the security code, a new message will be sent to you. You can check this and apply to this facility by

whatApp>setting>Account>security>show security notifications

Use of 2FA

The use of two factors authentication will help you to save your data. For activation of 2FA

Menu>Setting>Account>Two-step verification>Enable.

Generate a 6-digit pin code by following the steps. This will save you from any type of interference in your account. Because WhatsApp clearly admits that you can’t lock your account with a password and acclaims any third-party app for locking it, it’s better for you to apply 2FA.

Scams about WhatsApp

You need to be careful of some dodges which can make you pay for WhatsApp. Don’t care about these types of notifications. Because WhatsApp is a free app forever.

Use of Official Apps

The use of WhatsApp is very easy. This is the main cause of security flaws. The solution for this is to use desktop apps

Protection of Private Messages

If you want to protect your private messages, then go to


Through this, you will be able to save your location, profile photo, status, and anything else.

WhatsApp Web

Best Tips for Chatting

About 100 million people are using WhatsApp worldwide. It’s very simple and easy to communicate, share photos, videos, and business dealing. Now with WhatsApp web, you feel more reliable and have a fast and easy connection through your PC or Mac.

Customization of Messages

With audio or visual messages a lot of viruses are also entered by default. But you can save your PC through the customization of messages. Tap the drop-down tab and select


If you have a joint system, then inactivate the sound option and uncheck the Show Preview option as well as the Desktop Alerts option.

Use of Stickers, Emojis, and GIFs

You will find a great variety of stickers, emojis, and GIFs for making your conservation more interesting. Just use keyboard shortcuts and pick emojis of your choice.

Fast Navigation

The desktop of WhatsApp is planned on the basis of the ninja keyboard. Press the first Tab to see the Search area. The next press will show the list of chats. Another for emoji picking. One is for the messages box and the last two Tabs are used to start a new chat. During navigation, just use the Tab keys and easily move over to one or another section.

Different Formats for Text

WhatsApp web is embedded with different formats to make your text attractive. With the help of Markdown style modifiers, you can bold the text through an asterisk. Use underscores for italics. Title keys for strikethrough messages.

Use of ChatMate

ChatMate is a third-party app for customization on Mac. In macOS Mojave’s new dark theme, Do Not Disturb mode, Touch Bar, as well as ChatMate, can be locked. All these features give a colorful customization screen to your desktop.

Star Messages

If you want to save some messages for later use. Then highlight them with “Star” select from the top menu bar and move on. It will look like a bookmark. Whenever you need to search for them just click

Menu>Starred messages

To clean up these messages “Unstar “them

Restore Conversation to Google

To restore your conversation go to

Menu>setting>Chats and Calls>Chat Backup>Google Drive Setting

To clear up extra things you need to go to Menu>Setting>Chats and Calls>Chat History>Clear All Chats

Use of @ Symbol

This symbol helps you to select the person or group you desired from a long list of people.

New Trend in Image Editing

To share images on WhatsApp, there are three options

  • Add an emoji to the photo
  • Add fancy text to the photo
  • With your finger draw color on the photo with a paintbrush

Clear Data

Shared media and chat occupy a large space. The way to clear all this extra storage go to

Menu>Setting>Data and Storage>Storage Usage. The whole data will appear, move to delete all unnecessary things.

How to Setup Whatsapp Web

Add a Status

You can also add a status like that you have used on Snapchat or Instagram. Push the status tab and you can see the previous and current uploaded status by your friends. You can also upload your own status; written or video with the addition of GIFs or emojis.

Send up to 30 Photos

Previously, you can send only 10 photos at once. But WhatsApp now enables you to share up to 30 photos at one time. You can use your desktop also for this purpose.

Audio and Video Calls

WhatsApp lets you enjoy totally free voice and video calls. The facility is available not only for a single conversation but you can talk and see a lot of people at once. The process will start with one person, and then expand one by one. You need to use Appear. Instead of talking to more than four people.

New features for chatting

WhatsApp has introduced some new features for more reliable and easy conservation.

  • @ Symbol helps you to catch up with the person who quoted you earlier.
  • A lot of administrators are busy making basic rules in a fast description field
  • A search field is also available to search for someone

The setting of downloading on Data or Wi-Fi

WhatsApp enables you to control the situation of auto-download media. Only download images, if you are using mobile. While using Wi-Fi you can download everything.

Data Collected on WhatsApp

WhatsApp gives full protection to you and you can see the Privacy Notice on the right bottom of the Help/FAQ option. After one year, your address book is filtered only for updating your contact list. WhatsApp is a totally free service since the time of its launch. They only share UPI with any third party for the improvement of services.

They also used cookies to delete extra loading and were Persistent to load the site very fast. WhatsApp also collects IP addresses, page requests, URLs, and some necessary data for checking and calculating information about overall usage.

WhatsApp doesn’t acclaim or store your personal data like; name, location, server, etc.

Collection of Messages

WhatsApp doesn’t collect or copy your messages. Its servers collect your messages for 30 days only when they are not delivered. After that time they are deleted automatically. The best way of serving you without any trespassing is your privacy.

Privacy for Photos

Whatsapp Web no Celular offers a storing option. While sending an inconspicuous photo turn on the option. This option can be turned off also. To disable auto-downloading go to Settings and click one of them

  • Using cellular data
  • Connected with Wi-Fi
  • Searching
App NameWhatsapp Web
Latest VersionOnline
UpdateMar 31, 2024
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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