Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for PC Windows enables its users to get back their misplaced or removed files, folders, documents, photographs, videos, as well as some other files. Even when severe sleaze of the drive. In addition, extra information damage procedures affected owing to unintended set up and removal. Software is a great software that has plentiful assistance!


Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for PC Features

Drive Regaining

The software is planned to run on Windows stand to easily get back. Your apparently misplaced files, photographs, official papers, and much. Users can manage using all features of damaged data through the help of this tool; consisting of unintended media layout, disk sleazing, and accidental removal of files. The software is the last way out for damaged data. The file system on Windows drive undergoes a specific type of sleaze. In addition, the user wants to recover their missing documents. This tool helps to get back through FAT, NTFS, plus ExFAT drives as well as dividers.

Misplaced Divider Recovery

In the case of misplacing the whole partition, the software lets you watch for it. Over its “Cant’ Find Drive” possibility accessible in “Other Locations” now the setting choice monitor. It scans the particular hard drive for lost dividers. That has been misplaced owing to sleaze or has been unintentionally removed. Just the once scanning procedure is finished effectively; the whole of the dividers created will be registered in the dividers unit. If the chosen partition is not registered, tap on “Deep Scan” to find it. Choose the wanted partition to activate scanning for data retrieval.

Visual Media Retrieval

This is a great aspect to get back data from scratched, debases or partly burnt visual media like CD, DVD Discs. Currently, this windows data recovery expert software recuperates files through their new file names & folder arrangement. It helps retrieval through all kinds of discs (CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs) burnt on every system.

Recuperate Photographs and Multimedia Files

this progressive recovery software has the possibility to scan your storing devices. As well as see for simply photographs, songs, or video files. It will support decreasing the time getting through the software to find and discover your misplaced files. Recover your recollections through. All types of memory cards containing SD card, Micro SD cards, CF cards as well as inner and outer hard drives.

Removed File Retrieval

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery– Professional software lets you get back all removed files from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives as well as every deleted media. Install the free test version of the software and allow the software to scan your storing media through where you like to get back removed files. Now select ‘Deleted List’ in the opening window and offer the setting to save the recuperated file.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for PC

Recuperate Misplaced or Removed Email Files

This Windows data recovery – expert tool profits email customers by helping them to remove their misplaced or removed email data files. It recuperates all famous email users’ data files containing MS Outlook (PST), MS Outlook Express (DBX), MS Exchange Server (EDB), MS Lotus Notes (NSF) as well as a lot more. You are only required to choose ‘Emails’ under ‘Documents, Folders & Emails’ through the ‘Select What to Recover’ unit and scan your hard drive; the software will grade all the misplaced or removed emails for retrieval.

Pre-Recovery Showing of Files

this software scans the particular storing media as well as displays the promo of all misplaced or removed files. It categorizes files afterward scanning in Tree outlook, File Kind, as well as Removed Grade. Tap on any wanted file to watch its preview. Added, the software has a choice to turn on/turn off showing. If you choose ‘turn on’ then the software will create a preview of files however scanning the chosen loading media.

Profound Scan for Well Consequence

The software deals with two scans: Fast and Profound. Fast scan scans the media as well as grades all the recoverable files for showing. In this situation, the user is not capable of seeing the wanted data in the fast scan consequences then you can choose “Deep Scan” and work a more detailed scan of the chosen setting. It will get extra time however watch for all files as well as recuperate even raw data.

System Startup Disc

The software supports you to save your valuable data even once the system flops to boot, by Bootable disc. In case of damaging the Master Boot Record, your system flops to identify the boot divider plus develops unreachable. In this disaster, you can recover contacts to your stopped system by this Bootable disc and run the software to recuperate main data, containing files, documents, photographs, performances, and others.

Copy Your Hard Disk

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – professional has a distinctive aspect that lets you recuperate data through any earlier made disk pictures or make a disk copy of any drive, divider or capacity. You can make a copy of hard disks, remaining reasonable capacities in hard disks as well as any detachable media as pen drives, outer hard disks. Additionally, you can require the ‘Starting’ & ‘Ending’ parts to make a copy of the chosen area.

Raw Retrieval

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery expert software saves you on a harmless side by assisting you to recover your damages even while your first effort flops. ‘Raw Recovery’ is a progressive aspect that discovers data in drives centered on file names and allows you accessibly do retrieval through any harshly fraudulent loading media. You can too edit the caption of a predefined file kind and enhance fresh or indefinite file captions to the remaining list of files to improve the help of the tool for improving user-defined file set-ups.

Free Windows Data Retrieval

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Free version provides retrieval of your misplaced or removed dividers as well as data like Office documents photographs, videos, and extra multimedia files. This FREEWARE lets you scan, in addition, to recuperate all your data that can be kept at a set of selections. You can recuperate 1 GB of the data completely free however file size must not be more than 25 MB.

App NameStellar Phoenix Data Recovery
AuthorStellar Information Technology
Latest Version11.0.0.6
UpdateApr 6, 2024
Size(105.79 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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