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App NameMultisim
AuthorNational Instruments
Latest Version14.3
UpdateMay 27, 2024
Size(6.45 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/8)
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Multisim is a simple and easy-to-use program for designing electronic circuits on computers. It is best for educators, students, and professionals including VHDL, SPICE simulation, and a PCB generator. The open-source program is designed by NIST (National Institute of Standard Technology) that helps you to design simple electronic circuits, multi-layer resistors, and multi-layer capacitors throughout the engineering field. It provides all related material as well as components for you to visualize and analyze the performance of the circuit. Around 180,000 users are using the program to overcome the issues during the operation of the simulator. 

Multisim Simple & Easy to use

The program with a completely integrated environment is the best option for students and beginners. Design analog, digital, and power electronic circuits with the help of features that are required in engineering as well as the technical field. Easy modeling and amending of difficult concepts along with manipulation and navigation of the layout of the program according to your requirements is also possible. Improve your technical skills by using the ‘Find Errors’ feature without spending a penny.


Standalone Engineering Simulator

Multiple outputs, as well as input devices, makes the program a standalone engineering simulator. It designs the electronic system on a large scale without any integration with PCBs (printed circuit boards), boards, traces, and so on. The program offers the latest version 6.0 including hot spot, amplification, FETs, MOSFETs, and n-type materials. It enables the users to modify different simulation abilities such as temperature and voltage for different circuits.  

Educational Service

Evaluation of the latest circuit teaching features provided by the program with the integration of Education Edition is also possible. It allows the students to discover interactive circuit simulations and 3D prototypes using the intuitive environment. Visualize circuit behavior with the help of simulation-driven virtual tools to reinforce concepts of circuits. Students can take multiple advantages such as the development of power transistors. Bipolar voltage swing configuration, learning of information technology; RF and wireless technologies, software-testing methods, and software implementation technologies. All these are helpful for students to enhance their future careers. 


Various versions

The program is available in different versions to help professionals as well as trainers; 

  • Multisim for Education makes your simulation of circuit system reliability while reducing the printed circuit board prototype iterations and so on. It offers teaching capabilities such as analog, digital, and power electronics courses and laboratories. It also teaches the students the process of debugging and repairing the electronic system. 
  • Multisim for Designers is the best tool for professionals. If you are an electrical engineer get a lot of help from the software with confirmation of the project. It offers SPICE simulation, analysis, and PCB designing tools. All this makes your prototype iterations quick. 

Multi-tasking Functions

The program offers a large library of tools including 3500 electronic components, predefined schema, SPICE simulation, VHDL, PCB generator, and so on. You are capable of performing multiple functions easily such as; reducing PCB prototype iterations, adding powerful circuit simulation, analyzing designing workflow, saving development costs, annotation making in the circuits, and hierarchically designing with the help of a frequency controller, spectrum analyzer, and temperature scans. 


Multisim for iPad

The program offers a new version ‘iPad Touch’ for iPad users to use the program for simulating circuits anytime and anywhere. You can create your circuit designs and save them to collaborate with others using Dropbox or email. You can use the created design on the iPad for incorporating into a large design, analyze, and change it into a printed circuit board using the software on the PC. 

Live Chat

You can share your own, as well as others, created circuit design using the “live Chat’ community feature. The program is completely compatible with all types of Windows; 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP along with a 32-bit operating system. It offers a free trial version for 30-days before purchasing the subscription. 


Final Words

Multisim is a simple and easy-to-use program equally reliable for both professionals and trainers. It offers services for educators as well as engineers and helps the users to create circuit designs while offering multiple amazing tools. No doubt, a powerful program for knowledge development and future career. 

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