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MATLAB is a powerful programming language tool for solving complex math problems and calculations. It is best for engineers and students of math because a simple calculator can’t help us above the basic formulas, and we require math software to carry on our academic activities. The ‘Live Editor’ option is available to create scripts with a combination of code, output, and formatted text. it is displayed in an executive notebook that capable you to analyze data, development of algorithms, and create models. 

Interpreted Language Tool

You can get results and interact with the app to evaluate each command by pressing Enter key. You can go back to any previous command, edit it, and correct the mistakes easily. all procedures can be done using keyboard arrow keys; press the up key to go back, press it more times to go back to several commands, set the position of the cursor within the command using left and right keys, and remove any character with the help of backspace or Delete keys. For example, write a few letters of any command and press the ‘Enter’ key, it will display all recent commands started with the written letters. Double-click the Command History to execute any command. 


MATLAB Easy-to-use Interface

It offers industry-level services to make complex and complicated computations easier and simpler. The basic graphical user interface guides the users to MATLAB functions and a condensed system of complex tools, Command Windows, Workspace, files, browsing bar editor, debugger, and a lot of others. a plethora of computational algorithms help you in a proper way. Manage the flow statements, functions, data structures, and object-oriented programming features, and so on can be easily understood with the help of high-level matrices and languages such as vectors & matrices, annotation, and graph printing. Additionally, 2D and 3D data visualization, image processing, animation, and graphic presentation are part of it and can be customized for building a graphical user interface on all applications of MATLAB. 

Several Types of Windows

The main screen offers five different types of windows for you to work easily and apply your commends reliably. 

Command Windows

it is for typing commands and evaluating them. MATLAB offers auto-configuration for Command Windows that starts as soon as you turn off the program and ready it for your next time use. Command Window helps you to solve simple as well as complex expressions including with MATLAB scripts.

Command History Windows

Here you can check the all entered commend history by double-clicking on it. Scrolling back to the previous commands is possible via the ‘UP Arrow’ key. You can drag commands from Command History Windows to Command Windows also.  



it enables you to view currently defined variable lists with their types; simple scalar, vector, matrix, or size of all arrays. It will display the value of a variable that depends on its size. You can plot any variable by right-clicking on its name of it. You need to select the type of variable also. The control key enables you to select multiple variables to plot them and view their results in the menu. 

Current Directory Window

it informs you about the current working directory’s contents; open any file in the text editor by double-clicking and execute commands by right-clicking on the MATLAB scripts. Right-click on the data file and import the MATLAB variables. Click on the Current Working Directory at the top of the app for changing the directories. 

File Details Windows

check your current working directory with complete file details. You can change it according to your preferences. 


Fastest Performance with Live Scripts

Solve linear as well as non-linear mathematical problems with the help of high-quality language applications. The condensed system of tools gives simple solutions for arithmetic problems. Divide the scripts into manageable parts and troubleshoot your code with the integration of a debugger. Improve your language quality using the JIT compilation for MATLAB’s codes and enhance the readability, reusability, and maintainability of code. Additionally, use live scripting and enhance the code and results with help of formatting, images, and hyperlinks and share PDF, HTML, and LaTex docs with others. 

Final Words

MATLAB offers robust performance with professionally developed tools and completely documented applications. The high-level language for scientific as well as engineering students makes it a complete educational environment. 


  • Programming language tool
  • Live Editor feature
  • Cloud integration


  • Consume large system resources
  • MEX File Platform-Dependent Extension
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Latest VersionR2024a
UpdateApr 6, 2024
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RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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