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May 16, 2024 - Famatech Free

App NameAdvanced IP Scanner
Latest Version2.5.4594.1
UpdateMay 16, 2024
Size(20.07 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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Advanced IP Scanner is a freeware network scanner by Famatech for analyzing LAN in the fastest way. It offers Radmin integration for remote controlling of network devices. It locates both types of wired and wireless devices and turns off/on the PC remotely. Check your browser history and know about the shared folders easily. The open-source utility with a simple design is equally reliable for both; beginners and professionals. The portable application can be used anywhere and anytime by users.  

Clean & User-friendly Interface

The installation process is simple, just tap to setup button to select language, and start the installer. Open the program that is included with a tab to show results and a favorites section. You can add the devices with the most interest to the favorites section and monitor the logs of your router. It will enable you to save time and run the scanning process only for required machines. You can run the regular scanning process and can adjust the speed of the scan for specific devices. 


Shared Folders Information

The app works simply to scan all network devices within seconds. It informs the users about all devices that are connecting to the network and even it gives fast access to shared folders such as images, documents, spreadsheets, and videos. The shared folders that are shared between users of the same network can be watched on all connected devices with the same IP address. 

Advanced IP Scanner Radmin Integration

The integration of Radmin software with Advanced IP Scanner enables the users to control their devices remotely. It also scans the network to display all connected devices with the corresponding server or connect with your required server easily. Radmin software makes your access to remote PC in Full Control, File Transfer, and Telnet modes. It requires installing it on all devices that are used to be remote. Additionally, start batch operations for a subset of computers by adding the devices to your Favorites list. It will be loaded by a scanner at startup and enable you to select the type of scanning; full scanning of the entire network or just limited scanning for the favorites list. 


Hardware Details

Find real-time information on all PCs with complete hardware details. Check the entire detail of connected devices such as their names, manufacturers’ details, OS, IP or MAC addresses, shared folders, and the names of all users who are using the network. It works properly to scan Wi-Fi and LAN to detect as well as displays results of wired. Just create columns for search results, rotate, and arrange them in a proper way. This process enables you to check the health of all devices connected to the network. 

Support Multiple Devices

The freeware app offers complete compatibility with all Windows OS including Windows 11. It supports multiple languages to make your work easier; German, Polish, Spanish, English, and some others.  

File Transfer 

Radmin software not only offers remote management but some other amazing functions that are housed in the operation tab. you can transfer files by right-clicking and the chat option is also available for you to communicate with other users. Features can be used if the password and username of the selected devices are entered. Additionally, the app supports multiple protocols such as HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP. 


Comprehensive Insights

Get information about the status of IP>DNS, DNS>IP, DNS Status, Reserved Status, Status, Device Type, Connected Switch Ports, and so on. You can view and download detailed reports using Advanced IP Scanner that are including with important information about checking and IP address, and enable you to plan enhanced capacity and space utilization of IP address along with other details such as Location, Last Alive Time, and Last Scan Time also. 

Periodic Scanning

The tool is capable of performing multiple tasks related to periodically scanning; Scan, Monitor, and Management of IP addresses. The powerful and amazing tool developed by OpUtils enables the admin to perform periodic scans for subnets and make sure the reliability of IP status. Additionally, the admin monitor the switched scanned IPs under the ‘Connected Switch’ column. Here you can map all switched devices using network scanning protocols; ICMP pings, SNMP scans, and ARP. The integration with the DHCP server makes your monitoring, scanning, and discovery of connected devices easy and reliable. 

Some Challenges to Using the tool for Organizations

The tool may not as effective for scanning the IT infrastructure of an organization because of its sheer size. The tool offers limited capabilities for scanning and monitoring that can’t be scaled IP address space of an organization. The super-netting concepts increase the complexity of scanning tools as they can perform limited. 


Final Words

Advanced IP Scanner is a robust, powerful, and freeware network scanner for scanning as well as monitoring all connected devices, even exclusive devices. It gives you detailed information for both wired and wireless devices. 


  • Robust scanning 
  • Simple user-interface
  • Access to all connected devices


  • Security issues
  • Complicated for novice

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