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Mar 27, 2024 - Cloudflare, Inc Free

App Name1111 WARP
AuthorCloudflare, Inc
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UpdateMar 27, 2024
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1111 WARP is a freeware DNS service and security program designed by Cloudflare for enhancing the speed and power of your device and keeping it safe from all internal threats. Get an optimized as well as the latest protocol to make the security plan more authentic and private in comparison to the traditional protocols. Manage complete secure surfing online without any spying or hacking threats. 

1111 WARP Installation & Usability

Simply download and install the program and launch it after registering for Cloudflare Gateway. Get ID for DNS over HTTPS hostname and enable Cloudflare Gateway on the app using your new DNS settings. Open the app, you will find a simple UI with an exclusive button. You just press the button for activating the connection service. The app is easy to use without any complicated setup options. Cloudflare is the main provider of 256-bit SSL data encryption and they developed 1111 WARP on a similar basis. 

It works as a freeware DNS service and avoids the selling of your data to third-party while helping the DNS queries for bypassing less secure connections. It is including with two mods; the first one is focusing on DNS queries and the other one consist of a VPN shield and works as the default of the app.


Secure your Privacy

You have to face multiple risks in the case of connecting your device with any public Wi-Fi. Your device may be monitored or threatened by installing some malware on it. The app offers a defensive encrypted layer to stop ISP monitoring and protect your personal data. In addition, it doesn’t allow the cookies to be stored on your device by some websites you are visited because these cookies can be profitable but most of the time they inject a lot of advertisements into your device. 

Simple & Reliable

The app is simple to use with just one tap of a button and gives you access to a safe and private internet connection. It offers CDN and DDoS mitigation services via a straightforward user interface. No need for any technical skill or other such abilities as the addition of some extra features makes the app easier and more reliable. 

Fastest Connection

The fastest performance of the app gives you the fastest internet connection, unlike other VPNs that cause a slow internet connection for your device. It is built on a UDP-based protocol for optimizing your network connectivity as it is connected to Cloudflare’s massive global network. As we know, Cloudflare is famous for connecting direct peering connections and uncongested paths for delivering fantastic networking experiences globally. Additionally, it is designed in a way that recovers the losses of signals in some places quickly. It also minimizes the phone’s battery while minimizing the excess use of the phone’s radio. 

Auto-encryption of Apps

All apps running on your device will be automatically encrypted by default without any demand for a root certificate. It works only for the apps that are selected for it and don’t interfere with the apps that have been excluded. It helps to get smooth traffic for your device and decreases the mobile data bill. 

Improved Gaming Experience

Boost up the gaming experience without any transmission delay as the app offers servers all around the world. It connects your device with the closest server and enhances the speed and saves your game from lagging or delaying. 

Family Option

Internet is the main part of everyone’s life; it may be a kid, a young man, or any old person. But we have some responsibilities in using it and it is better to make plans specifically for kids. The app offers an innovative feature for parents to restrict their children from any type of inconvenient content. It is including with two options

  1. Restrict malware to block cyber apps and malware.
  2. Block adult content and malware also. 

1111 WARP Pro Version

The basic version is available without any fee, but if you avail a lot more than the basic, you need to go for the pro version that is WARP+. It is based on the virtual private backbone of Cloudflare and Argo Technology. The price of the pro version is based on region. 

Final Words

1111 WARP avail of a secure and private internet searching experience with the fastest speed. The modern and optimized protocols offer an easy and reliable connection without slowing down your internet connection as possible with other VPNs. 

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