APK Editor for Android 1.9.10

Feb 20, 2020 - APK Editor (Freeware)
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APK Editor is used to editing the saved APK to your Android devices. The app lets you string localization, replacing of background images, re-architect layout, and delete ads and permissions, and much fun. The app requires some professionalism for applying it as it can’t be understood by novices. 


APK Editor Pro for Android Features

Multiple Functions

With the app, you can do unlimited fun along with editing features. Extract images, audio, and sound from installed apps. Get rid of irritating ads that interrupt you during games. Handle restricted applications, avoid horrible wallpapers, and change disparate sounds and a lot of others.

App Cloning

The APK Editor can help you to dual installation. If you like to run two accounts of any app such as Whatsapp or Facebook, the app will give you a chance but you need to use the tool very carefully.  


Types of Editing

The app offers two types of editing——Full Edit exhausting and lengthy process for rebuilding files from APK, and the other is Simple Edit simple and easy process for replacement of files inside the APK. It’s upon your skill to what type you use and change anything such as background image, addition or removal of languages, and elimination of permissions.

Free Access

The APK Edit with freeware license available for all Android devices, with the English language. It is belonging to the Utilities and Tools category and developed by SteelWorks. 


Main Features

  • Editing Saved APK
  • Access to the content of APK files
  • Extract images, audio, and sound from installed apps
  • Multiple Functions
  • App Cloning
  • Use two types of editing
  • Free Access
  • Change wallpapers
  • Avoid irritating ads