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Apr 12, 2024 - TheDise Free

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Instander Apk Download Latest Version is a modified version of Instagram for downloading high-quality videos, photos, reels, IGTV, and so on. Instagram is one of the most popular socio-sharing apps and the biggest source of delivering entertaining, educational, political, sports, and other such updates. Like other official apps, Instagram also lacks some exclusive features such as downloading the media. So, third-party developers tried to develop such features. Instander is the effort and enhances the user experience and proves the best substitute for Instagram. 

It is designed by a developer named, Thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov). He offers two different types of apps with the same features; only the package names are different to enable us to install both apps on one device;

  1. Clone app is the application exclusively with package name
  2. Unclone app demands to uninstall the official app and it has the package name com.insta. 

Working Process

The freeware app works simply with an easy-to-use UI. Complete downloading and installation process, launch it and log in to your account. Click on the three parallel lines on the profile page, go to the Settings option, and change settings as you like. Now you are ready to use the fantastic features of the app including an in-built downloader, ad blocker, and sharing your content. 


In-built Downloader

Instagram delivers a lot of amazing material including videos, images, reels, and so on. We love the different styles of content to watch, but some of the material we want to watch later and crave to download and save to our device. Third-parties downloader works in a better way but has a lot of term along with the unlimited advertisement. Avoid the irritating situation, download Instander and download high-quality media of Instagram while saving storage space from downloading third-party downloader. In this way, you can safe your device from all types of bugs or malware that can be peeped up to your device within a third-party downloader. 

Limited the List of Contacts

No doubt, the digital world has created a close relationship all around the world. With the help of multiple socio-sharing apps, we connect to a lot of people on daily basis. But, we want privacy for some reasons also; as sometimes we upload material that we want only some of our close friends could watch it. It is possible with the app to create a separate list of close friends instead of a follower list. You can customize the list anytime you like without knowing your friends. The material shared with friends only can be distinguished by a specific label. 

Hide your Stories

We often upload our daily ‘Story’ related to our personal life. It may be some typed words, a live video, photos of our picnic, or some other activity. So we don’t want to share it with all of our followers or other strange people added to our contact list.  Keeps your privacy fool-proof using the app and select few people to watch your stories? On the contrary, you can watch other contacts’ stories without notifying them while turning off your presence. 

Disable Message Replying

IG is the best place to upload images, videos, and other such material. Sometimes we have to face some negative reactions to our posts from our contacts. Don’t worry, such types of people are busing to stay on top of the screen. Avoid the situation and disable the entire replies option or select some people for replying to your posts. 

Multiple Story Options

Turn on the feature ‘Save Story to Archive’ and the story will be directly saved to your archive automatically. The feature is the best option for people with the low storage issue. It also keeps your privacy strong as no one except you can watch the saved stories. This can save your ‘Live Videos’ in your archive for 30-days. Enhance the quality of stories up to 10Mbps which will make your uploading speed fastest. Open the ‘experimental settings’ option and disable the ‘Autoplay’ of stories, if you don’t want to play it automatically.   

Share your Stories

You can share your stories on other platforms such as Facebook also and with your friends personally. The posts and stories shared by you can be used by your contacts also. It is common on any socio-sharing app. but, some of our posts and stories are so much sense and we don’t want other contacts to share them. Go to settings and turn off the feature and make it impossible for them to share it. 


Multiple sponsored advertisement irritates us during our scrolling of interesting posts upload by our contacts. The problem is that these can’t be turned off from our Instagram feed and can cause the draining of our data. Avail of the ads-free platform in Instander and disable ads from the privacy settings easily.  

Search Unlimited Content

IGTV offers non-stop entertainment by watching different styles of videos and images. You can watch the trending videos and videos of popular people in the world while following them. Use the; search section’ and enjoy unlimited shared content including DIY videos, Travel content, Food images, Art, Styles, TV & Movies, Sports, Politics news, and a lot of such limitless content.


Disable Analytics

Disable the publication statistics and insights specifically if you are related to any business account. You can on it also learn about your daily activities, but it can crash your app as the developers are remaining busy to control the situation. Go to the ‘Privacy Settings and turn off the feature easily.  

Ghost Mode

It is an interesting mode for people who love to live in mysterious situations. You can use the feature for hiding the ‘typing text’ status, watch the stories of others without notifying them, use ‘don’t mark directly read’ for the read messages, and so on. 

High-Quality Content

In the official account, the photos are compressed and go down the quality. Instanter gives the chance to maintain the quality using the ‘Photos in max quality feature. You can use the feature to enhance the quality of IGTV, Photos, Reels, and Stories. Watch images in high-quality and use high-quality graphics for uploading your stories and photos.  

Use Gestures for Multiple features

Just use your fingertips and avail several features without going back to the account every time. You can navigate pages while swiping left and right, the long tap will zoom your image, and like an image by double-clicking. Additionally, multiple other features including view stories in full screen, an in-app browser for following links, playing of videos automatically, and so on are part of this wizard. You can disable the features if you like. 

Avail Verification Badges

Unlike the official app, you are capable of sending appreciation and support to the developers and getting verification badges in return. You can comment, send screenshots, and send usernames on the email address you’re provided by the app. wait for badges that are also shown to other Instander users.  

Additional Features

Search a lot of people, follow them, connect via DM, and know more about them. Set a path for downloading and save your downloads in the place where you like, and save your data by disabling the auto-playing of videos on your stories. 

Final Words

Instander APK is the best mod for getting a fantastic IG experience. Enhance your social activities using the app, connect with friends and share your feelings with them. The app offers a lot of amazing features that are missing in the official and enables you to download your favorite content without the help of any third-party downloader. 

App NameInstander
Latest Version18.0
UpdateApr 12, 2024
Size(63.22 MB)
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