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Brainly Apk is a social learning platform that specifically offers academic services to enable teachers and students to share their skills and knowledge across the world. You can offer your skills and get aid for your tough problems related to your homework while connecting to the expertise available on Brainly. Around 350 million students and teachers are present on the app to solve homework questions with step-by-step solutions. 

How Does Brainly works?

Brainly is a free app with a simple installation process for both Android and iOS devices. Simply create your account and login into the app. the main dashboard is simple with a big and bold question presented in the center; “What do you need to know”. Just tap it and enter your question, it may take 10 minutes to give the answer, or you can search for the best answer to your question from the given bunch of answers of the day. You can filter questions as subject-wise or school-level.

Brainly is a freeware app, but it offers an exchange system for asking questions. You need to spend points for getting the answer to your questions. You can earn points only by giving answers to others’ questions. There is not any option for purchasing extra points or an in-app purchasing process. It enables the students to build their learning paths while setting their goals to track down their progress. 


Round the Clock Service

Take the picture of your related question or type it in the ‘Brainly Scan to Solve’ option and get the fastest response from any online student or teacher. The experts are available round the clock for your assistance, chat with them, and get a step-by-step solution to your problem. All assistance is free of charge. 

Solve your Maths Problem

Are you worried about Math’s complicated equations or your scientific calculator has been failed to guide you? Simply, head to ‘Mat Scan to Solve’ and solve your confusion. Don’t worry. What type of problems including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, or equation, everything will be easily solved will with Brainly?

Big Advantage for Parents & Teachers

The app is a big assistance for students to carry on their home tasks. Now it is easy for teachers to recommend their students to use the site for solving any issue related to their tricky questions. But, it is necessary for teachers to check it first and make sure to students that it is only for taking guiding lines and not for learning any subject as a whole. Similarly, the app makes the parents also reliable as they can check their kids under their custody without sending them out for tuition. Parents should also create an account on the site and connect it with their kid’s profiles to easily monitor their activities, strengths, or weaknesses.  


Honor Code

Brainly is basically an assistance app for giving guidelines about homework problems. It offers an ‘honor code’ to restrict any type of cheating or plagiarism. Here you will find assistance instead of getting direct answers to questions. It gives step-by-step solutions to your confusion. Additionally, the ‘private chat’ option is also available for clearing your concern about any question. 

Textbook Detective

No need of searching textbooks for specific questions.  Avoid limitless scrambling for finding answers to questions, simply go to Brainly Textbook Detective and take help from structured expert-written answers. The app offers an organized library of STEM textbooks that can be easily searched by grade, title, author & ISBN. Additionally, avail leaderboards, badges, achievements, and other such interesting activities, and have fun while answering the tricky questions to take rewards.

Unlimited Subjects Support

You can get help for multiple subjects from an expert team in real-time. There are a lot of subjects such as Math, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement (AP), Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, and World Languages.


Brainly Plus

Along with the free version you can avail premium version with multiple advanced features. In the free version, you can get answers to all questions and paired accounts of parents or teachers with kids. The pro version is ads-free also. You can get it for $18 for a semi-year and $24 for per year. You can also purchase Brainly Tutor for live tuition for math. 

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