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Speedtest ookla is the fastest and more convenient app for giving its users complete results about the upload as well as download speed, ping and much more. The app offers detailed information about the work capabilities and services of your connection.

Speedtest ookla services consist of VOIP, real-time programmings like YouTube, gaming, and speed test Netflix, speed test Ptcl, and a lot more. The services inform you about the speed of your own local server. Alongside you can check the speed of other worldwide servers by connecting with them. Get a free analysis from speed Test. Net and improve your internet connectivity through graphs.

Speedtest ookla

Speedtest ookla Features

Get Correct Information

It is a common complaint of internet users that they pay for the services but can’t get the same results. But with SpeedTest you can easily overview your connection. You can also check online share results and other issues related to your connection.

Friendly App

Get information on a daily basis. You can easily understand the interface as similar to other such apps, with one click know thoroughly overcome any of your connectivity issues.

Work Fast

Download and upload can be in a fast way if your connection is strong and reliable. SpeedTest helps you to improve the speed by giving information about current issues existing in your internet connectivity.

Measure your Speed

SpeedTest. Net provides the latency tool which measures the internet connection speed in Mbps. You can know the speed of your network through these ISP industry-standard Mbps.

A Free Platform

Work as a free cross-platform, the app offers its services for any type of device like windows, tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Check your internet speed without the installation of any extra plugin. The app will check the speed from 1 Kbps to 1 Gbps.

Automatically Detection

Speedtest ookla app offers the latest algorithm which helps you to check the speed by downloading different files and uploading the request of your web browser. It also selects a better server for you. You just click the speed test button and find genuine results.

Speedtest by ookla

Reasons for Poor Speed

Usage of Network Connectivity

Whenever a server is loaded with many connections that use the network at the same time. This can cause network failure and interruption in your online activities. The best option for this is to improve the Mbps of such a server. This addition will improve the network connectivity and increase the size of your hose.

Rebooting of Router to improve the speed of your network reboot your router as this is the common cause of slow speed. Because these wireless Wi-Fi routers are affected by the traffic passing between the routers and devices.

Attack of Malware

Malware is also a major cause of slowing down the speed of the network. These worms are using up the resources of network connection and damage all of your operating system. Use some anti-virus or spyware software to overcome these issues.

Capacity of Ram

The low-capacity of the Ram or processing system may also upset the speed function. Ask some computer technicians to help you in improving the performance of your computer.

Some other Issues

If you are facing the problem of low-speed network connectivity than you have to overview the wire length of your router, as the complexity of data travel may cause a poor connection. Speed of services and performances of devices and a large number of requests from one server may cause slowing down your network speed.

Some Tips to improve the Network Connection

Use a Speed Test

First of all, you have to use a speed test to know the currently running speed. This will inform you about the appropriation of your speed.

Less the Devices

Try to use fewer devices with one connection. As more devices can slow down the speed of network connection.

Use VOIP Connection Separately

Never use a VOIP within the Wi-Fi router. This will save you from direct access to your home or business network to measure the problem with the connection. And you will be saving from any outsider interruption.

Speedtest Ptcl

Contact ISP Services

In case of constant unsatisfactory speed contact to internet services provider (ISP) to take action about the capabilities of your VOIP.

Check the Wires

Check the wires of your router as the complexity of wires sometimes may cause an unsatisfactory connection.

Main Features

  • Give detailed information about internet connectivity
  • Consist of VOIP and live streaming
  • Work in a friendly way
  • Use as a cross-platform
  • Gives very fast information
  • Measure your speed through latency tool
  • Automatically detection
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