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May 27, 2024 - TextNow Inc Free

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TextNow PC is a social networking communication app for sending and receiving instant texts along with audio/video calling features. The freeware and the streamlined app are developed by Text Inc that can be used for private and commercial purposes. It allows sending and receiving of messages to and from Canada and US phone numbers. It belongs to MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) to associate all cellular providers with your phone service. Along with simple features, multiple advanced features including video messaging, voicemail transactions, and conference calls are also available.

  1. Straightforward UI
  2. Fastest texting and calling option
  3. Multiple devices synchronization
  4. Offers the Latest and high-quality mobile phones

TextNow PC Installation & Usability

The app is available for all types of Windows up to Windows 10. You need to follow simple steps and complete the download as well as the installation process. Complete the sign-in process and get a US-based phone number that enables you to make free calls and texts in North America. The straightforward interface helps you to control all of the conversations. Compose your texts by clicking the pencil icon and clicking the keypad for making calls. The app asks permission to access some of the other features of your device such as in-app purchases, contact list, camera, and so on. 

Subscription Plan

The app offers free services to Canada and U.S and offers different subscription plans according to your needs. You can select anyone as $0.10 is available for communication. You can avail some credit by watching on-screen ads and completing multiple offers. It offers a voicemail feature for $3 and an upgrade to get more data with limitless calling and a 4G data plan with an unlimited and continuous connection. You can use hot-spot for using your data for any LTE device. The auto-switching between Wi-Fi and voice is also possible. TextNow presents new phones with a warranty and SIM card. You can use your old number and easily switch between the numbers using the same account. 


Storage Space for App

The app requires a minimum of 150 MB of space that will grow in size, as it receives the multimedia files and other contact data. You need to allow it access to some local files, peripheral input devices, and so on. It also helps you to modify the Registry database also. 

Multiple Calling & Texting Options

Get revenue from advertisements and offers and enjoy limitless enjoyment of sending text and picture messages while using the voicemail feature right from your PC. No need to go with any costly app, come and family. It allows you to make calls to a phone number that is not registered with TextNow. Just switch over all of your phones or tablets to TextNow and view you’re your outgoing and inbound texts. 

Customize your App

Unlike other messaging apps, you are able of customizing your app’s main screen as you like. Change your background and add fun to your chatting using multiple emoticons. Several other customizing features such as ring tones, text tones, vibrations, and a lot of others are available. 

Reward Earning

No doubt, the app offers free services for Canada and U.S but offers simple subscription plans for other users to use the app. it also offers some other ways to give you chance to avail the app’s services such as you can watch advertisements or perform different available offers to earn revenue and spend it for purchasing subscription plans. 


Forward Calls & Voicemail

You are capable of recording voicemail and forwarding calls to multiple numbers in case of you are absent from your residence. It also offers additional widgets to fire up the UI for launching the app and composing new messages as well as making the fastest calls using the speed-dial feature. 

Final Words

TextNow makes calling as well as texting to your friends fun. It works with a virtual phone number using your Google account. Send and receive instant messages and make the fastest international calls at very low charges. You can also collect revenue by watching ads and completing offers. 

App NameTextNow PC
AuthorTextNow Inc
Latest Version
UpdateMay 27, 2024
Size(843.53 KB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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