Opera Mini for Android 60.0.2254.59405

Oct 18, 2021 - Opera (Freeware)
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Opera Mini Apk for Android is an excellent web browser for android. It works very fast without any interruption. The browser saves your data plane and enables you to work several web pages at a time. You can browse privately with the help of the incognito tab. The opera mini gives you more chances of searching through blocking unwanted ads.

Opera Mini Apk

Opera Mini Apk Features

Sync your Device

Opera mini helps you to sync your device the same as with your PC. This will be a great update for the person who uses both.

Shun irritating Ads

Opera mini has its own built-in ad blocker for blocking all unwanted and irritating ads and gives you more relaxation to work.

Work fast opera mini is a lightweight app that works very fast and saves a lot of time and data. You can open several web pages at a time even with a weak internet connection.

Search and Download

You can search for everything you like and download it within a few seconds. The app enables you to download videos, audio, or much more.

Saving of Websites

The app enables you to add your most favorite website to your home screen by tapping the + button on the screen bar. It is easy to read a page offline too.


News Updates

The Opera Mini has arranged top stories on the first page which will help you to tap your favorite news and read it.

Get Notification

You can download large files in different sessions. You can stop while offline and continue it online. After completing the downloading you will get a notification. Now tap the notification and watch your download.

Private Browsing

The app provides private tabs (incognito tab) and enables you to search more safely and save your search from others.

Easy Navigation

Opera mini gives very simple navigation through different tabs.

Night Mode

The app offers night mode too for keeping your eyes safe during nighttime.


Main Features

  • An excellent browser for Android
  • Sync your devices
  • Avoid irritating ads
  • Navigate easily
  • Use of night mode
  • Browse privately
  • Get news updates
  • Search and download very fast
  • Free to use and Free of cost
  • Offer night mode for saving your eyesight
  • The home page shows your favorite bookmark site

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