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IGTOR Apk enables you to increase the number of reactions to your post on Instagram and other social media platforms. VCS3 are the official developers of the app that is placed into the Tools category. The app is basically designed for aiding to boost the follower’s strength. You can enhance the number of followers within a limited period. It enables you to send views, likes and comments to your videos or posts on Instagram. In addition, you can also download your preferred content from Instagram while continuing your surfing on Instagram. 

IGTOR Simple & Reliable

The app requires not any IT skill or any other special ability. You are not too asked to complete any task to get the followers. The log-in process is also easy. You can log in using a demo account or any extra Insta account or the IG account where you want to send likes, views, or comments. Avoid login via your original Insta account, it may be terminated or get blocked. It is better to log in via a demo account and send likes, views, and followers to your official Instagram account using a custom URL that targeted your username. Try the top-notch application that is one of the most favorite choices for getting auto followers. 


Translation Support

An interesting platform where you can boost up your Insta account within moments without any limitation of completing tasks. The growing followers trick is available for both platforms; application trick and web trick. You will find the main screen in a different language than you may not understand. Fortunately, the option ‘Select Language’ is available to change the page into English or any other language you want. In case of using the Chrome browser, the page will automatically translate into your native language. 

Some Reasons for Using IGTOR

No doubt, a lot of apps are available for increasing followers, likes, and interactions on Instagram, but here we are mentioning some reasons to select ‘IGTOR’ for your device. It is simple with an easy-to-use UI without login or password requirements. No need of filling out any survey or verify you are human. It is legit and available in two versions; the IGTOR App version which is available only for Android devices and the Web version which is applicable for all types of OS connected with an internet connection. It delivers limitless followers, likes, and views to your Insta account within moments. Change your language and use the app within 30 minutes for unlimited times a day. 


Services of IGTOR

IGTOR offers 8 main services that make your aim of boosting your Insta account easy and smooth;

  1. Followers; use a demo account and transfer unlimited followers to your account.
  2. Likes; the service offers free-of-cost likes for your posts and videos.
  3. Video Views; provides limitless views to your videos.
  4. Story Views; avail a large audience by sending unlimited free views to your Story.
  5. Comment likes; get a smart number of comments from your followers to enhance your popularity.
  6. IGTV video views; boost up the views of IGTV video with help of free service.
  7. Votes; send vote polls to your story or the story of other contacts.
  8. Saves; the service is very useful to enhance Instagram reach feature and send the saves as reposts on the Insta account. 

How to use IGTOR

Follow some terms before starting your work on IGTOR;

  • Create a demo account to save your original account from terminating.
  • Start your work step-by-step, don’t rash your work as it may be risky for your account.
  • Use it only for Android devices.
  • Take some time for regaining the services like followers, likes, or views. The services with a green tick are available and red ticks are not available at that time. Wait for them to change into the green from a red tick.
  • Open your demo account and enter the username of the original Insta account. Remember only username. 
  • Click the ‘Find user’ button and start sending followers to your original account by tapping the ‘start submission’ button. 

Permission Requirement

The app requires some before starting tricks for your account such as;

  • Access to network info
  • Opening of network sockets 
  • Use PowerManger WakeLocks to keep the processor active
  • Receiving of ‘Action Boot completed’ broadcast by applications after completing the booting. 

Final Words

No doubt, IGTOR is the best option for increasing your Insta account and gaining popularity for you among your community. Download the Latest Version of Apk from Softmany.com Get unlimited followers, likes, comments, and views for your account. Additionally, it is capable of downloading your required posts or photos of your friends also. 


  • No need for any technical skill
  • Auto-increasing of followers
  • Safe and secure


  • Not available for iOS devices
  • Can cause an issue for the battery
Latest Version1.2
UpdateMar 27, 2024
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