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App NameMicrosoft Excel
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Microsoft Excel Free Download [Windows 7/10/11] is the most used spreadsheet program worldwide. You can process data with the help of automatically offered graphs as well as charts. The latest version of Microsoft Excel in 2016 is the most reliable, smooth, and updated that offers the ease of working together for personal and professional use. Accessible via all modern platforms, the program with developing capacities like spreadsheet editing, use of graphs and charts, macro programming, and a lot more. You can Try Microsoft Word for Text Editor.


Microsoft Excel for PC Features

Versatile & Powerful Program

The versatility and reliability of the program can be shown through the completion of multiple tasks such as designing documents, making budgets, personally financing charts, managing text records, managing small business documents to a big company document management, academic research and analyzing, used for government departments, welfare organizations and much more. In fact, MS Excel is providing multiple facilities through its powerful collection of tools as well as the latest features to satisfy your requirements. 


Easy-to-use Interface

The user-friendly interface with tabbed toolbars gives easy access to any function. The main window is very intuitive with right-click cell menus as well as configuring tools. The smooth and reliable Office 365 suite helps you to collaborate as well as share documents online easily.

Easy Access to external Data

The program gives easy access to external data sources like the economic marketplace. The Visual Basic feature helps in programming that makes MS Excel the best for analyzing and calculating physics, statistics, economics, and engineering. Creating intricate formulas, and executing math processing while making graphs and charts. You can also share your work online or use your XLS spreadsheets outside the program.


 Main Features

  • Native spreadsheet editor to MS Office
  • Importing of data from databases
  • Use of tables for carrying out math formulas and calculations
  • Versatile & Powerful Program
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Easy Access to external Data
  • Automate functions through macros code
  • Creation of charts for presenting the values graphically

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