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Mar 27, 2024 - topjohnwu Free

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UpdateMar 27, 2024
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Magisk Manager Apk is developed by Topjohnwu in 2016 for rooting your Android devices specifically to run banking apps. All we know, rooting is a tedious process and makes us a little bit irritated, but it is necessary to run some specific apps that demand rooting first to your device. 

You need to get knowledge about ADB as well as Fastboot before start downloading the app. Unlock the boot holder of your device, and flash custom ROM for changing the boot.img into the stock boot. img, complete the download and installation process and finally install the custom kernel on your device. 

Magisk Manager Hide

no doubt, the best feature for resolving the issue is created by some apps such as gaming apps i.e Pokemon Go, or banking apps that demand rooting or verification for modification. just install the app and bypass these types of apps and hide root status for them only. the activation process of the feature is easy and simple;

  • several financial apps including banking apps can’t work with rooted devices so they require a rooting process. you can recover this with the help of the Magisk Manager.
  • open the app and go to settings.
  • scroll down the settings option and tap the ‘Magisk Hide’ option.
  • select apps that need to be bypassed such as banking apps.
  • the option is enabled and you are free to use any app hassle-free.

FOS Software

The app with FOSS services enables users to run any app without applying the rooting process. it also re-roots the already rooted devices under the old-SuperSU process. you can uninstall the app right from your app itself without using Magisk Uninstaller. 

Magisk Mount

The app works like a magical wizard using a systemless interface and proved world’s best app for rooting Android devices. it doesn’t interfere with the original partitions of the device while performing a lot of tasks such as modifies require apps only, removing kernel features, encryption, the addition of 3rd-parties, and so on. it can change the system partition during the root process and transfer all vital files or folders to the boot partition and enables the user to apply all privileges related to rooting because it depends on many aspects including Soc of mobile, manufacturer, and developer. 

Magisk SU

The feature makes the app the best solution for rooting while gaining the SuperSU standard. It also allows you to Grant and Denies permission related to any app. 

Updated Magisk-Modules-Repo

The basic Magisk-Module-repo was struck because of the improper maintenance process. for this reason v24.0 version was unable of downloading modules using the repo. the developers paid full attention and add updates on URLs in the modules. it will energize the app for checking, downloading, and installing updates for modules. 


Zygisk Feature

the feature offers a zygote daemon process that enables the developers to specify code right into the processes of Android devices. it is quite similar to ‘Riru’ in functionality and different in implementation. additionally, it can bypass the ‘SafetyNet Check’ by Google that can block the tempered apps. Get OTA updates and a lot of other advantages using the freeware app. 

Magisk Modules

The module-based app makes the modifications easy and offers a plethora of modules according to your demands using convenient settings without rooting your device. you can install different modules such as;

  • Substratum is for applying the system-wide themes.
  • Dolby Atoms is for enhancement of the sound of the device.
  • Greenify4Magisk is to put the device on hibernate and save battery life.
  • kernel manager is for tweaking multiple thongs and boosts up the performance.
  • Xposed Framework creates modifications and modifies the UI.

How to Root android devices

using the app, rooting Android devices is quite easy and simple. complete the download and installation process, long-press volume Up +Home+power buttons at once, and boot your device into recovery mode. The device will be booted for recovery mode.

How to Solve Issues of Magisk Manager

  • If your app has to face issues such as closing, freezing, or crashing while working. you need to clear the entire app data, uninstall it, and reinstall the app again.
  • if you have to face some issues while updating the app, go to settings, and ‘Restore Magisk Manager’ and simply download and install the updated version with the regular package name.

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