DirectX 10

May 23, 2024 - Microsoft Corporation Freeware

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DirectX 10 is fully integrated with ATI and NVIDIA cards for increasing the quality of audio and video. It is a platform for tools to work with multimedia components such as color graphics, audio or video clips, 3D animation, and texture. The program comprises some improved versions such as audio system, compatibility, sound software, and hardware. 


DirectX 10 Simple Process of Installation

To install the program follow the given instructions.

  1. Open the Direct X 10 from the current location.
  2. Press the “Download” button.
  3. Ignore the list of products and click on “Next”.
  4. For saving the program click on the “Save File” button.
  5. Carry on step-by-step instructions and complete the installation.
  6. Restart the operating system. 

High-quality Graphical Images

The latest installed graphic drivers improve the quality standard of images with timely and regular updating of audio or video codecs while running them remotely. A unique offline installation kit that offers big games, videos, and audio for maximizing the performance and compatibility of your operating system. 

Shader Model 4.0  

The feature works very simply and gives high-class quality to video games’ images. Easily controls the adjoining edges existing on the crystal clear parts with multiple images as well as textures that are using in the game.


Geometry Shader 

The GPU calculator enables to creation of images smoother and more effectively. By using the hardware tessellation engine along with a graphic chip users can produce several triangles via accessible geometry. 

Multiple APIs

The program uses multiple APIs for coders and developers.

  • Direct 3D; is used to process and codec for three-dimensional graphics.
  • Direct Graphic; is for drawing images in two dimensions for representing images in 3D.
  • DirectInput; is for processing data through the keyboard, mouse, peripherals, and controllers.
  • DirectPlay; is for network communications.
  • DirectSound; is to record as well as playback audio.
  • DirectShow; is for playing audio and video along with network precision.
  • DirectSetup; is for making installation of Direct X simple.
  • Direct Compute; a library of languages and instructions for managing the process.

Free Access

The DirectX 10 with free license available for Windows 32-bit operating system of a laptop and PC, free download with potential restrictions. It is developed by Microsoft Inc and belongs to the OS component category.


Compatible with Windows

With various compatibility with all types of devices, the app has special compatibility with all types of Windows———-Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are mainly operating systems to run the app very smoothly and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32-bit and 64-bit setup

Main Features

  • High-quality Graphical Images
  • Shader Model 4.0  
  • Geometry Shader 
  • Multiple APIs
  • Free Access
  • Compatible with Windows
App NameDirectX 10
AuthorMicrosoft Corporation
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UpdateMay 23, 2024
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