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Jul 10, 2024 - Adobe Systems Inc Trial

App NameAdobe After Effects
AuthorAdobe Systems Inc
Latest VersionCC 2024 24.5.0
UpdateJul 10, 2024
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Adobe After effects for PC Windows CS6 is a persuasive and magnificent app launched by Adobe Systems Incorporated used for creating cinematic after-effects and graphical designing. As a part of Creative Cloud, the app gives easy access to creative assets as well as shares them between the apps, PCs, and mobile devices. Enhance the creativity via offering a 3D engine for texting as well as shaping extrusions, mask feathering options, line drawing animation after effects, whiteboard animation after effects, and a fast 3D camera tracker.

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Adobe After Effects for PC Features

Work Fast

Increase your creativity while using Global Performance Cache, save the previews for working fast without waiting for frame updates. Make the computer’s hardware more fruitful for visual effects and graphical designing. 

Unlimited Mask Feathering

Create flexible changing through using unlimited feather values, handle reduction, and feather shaping. These trackers are used for different areas of the face such as color-correct or blur, track sizes, and points for changing things like eye color.

Use of 3D Camera

Creation of animated titles, recognition, as well as subordinate thirds via 2D and 3D visualization tools. Take a step from scratching the animated presets in the app. You can also use a 3D camera tracker for controlling fields, shadows, and reflections while placing 3D elements on 2D footage. 

Adobe After effects for pc

Text Editing

Make yourself more attractive in your creation through moving things, use a symbol to shape cartoons, with the help of keyframes. Edit, add depth to, animate the text though converting it onto editing tools, as well as transfer animated text in the form of vector-based SWF files. Use Illustrator vector art for shaping layers for animating them in 2D and in 3D extruding.  

Built-in Effects

The program offers 90 fresh as well as great ranges of updates for built-in effects consisting of fully 16-bit and 32-bit color modes. You can select from After Effect for a potential exploring of visual effects to correct color, blur, or give shape, deform footage spin to swipe images onto 3D shapes, and a lot of creative fun.

Audio Management

The app enables you to manage the audio process and audio levels exclusively for every layer. Edit your audio using the latest Adobe Audition software.

Rolling Shutter Repair

Rolling Shutter Repair is the feature to repair all rolling shutter work art like edges, skew, doos, wobble, and a lot of like that. 

Integrated with other Adobe Apps

The program is fully integrated with other Adobe apps which enable you to work with colleagues using any other app. Use Adobe Dynamic Link for monitoring your created comps in Premiere Pro CC. for best creativity import material from Photoshop CC, Character Animator CC, Adobe XD CC, and Animate CC. 

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Main Features

  • Creating cinematic effects and graphical designing
  • A part of Creative Cloud
  • Offers a 3D engine for texting
  • Work Fast
  • Unlimited Mask Feathering
  • Use of 3D Camera
  • Built-in Effects
  • Audio Management
  • Rolling Shutter Repair
  • Integrated with other Adobe Apps

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