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App NameAutomatic Call Recorder
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Automatic Call Recorder Apk is a handy utility to easily record your important calls for later use or for sharing with someone other. Simply add notes for clarification of any important discussion for further remembering. No doubt, call recording is a challenging task, but the app makes it smooth and easy for you. You need not start it manually, it will start automatically, and the recorded call will be stored in the inbox. 

Is Call Recording Legal? 

It is a common question asked by anyone. It depends on the situation and also on the caller and receiver. If you are recording the call with the permission of your receiver, there is not any illegality. It also depends on the laws of different countries as in USA law, it is not illegal to record a call even if it is recorded by one person without the permission of the other person. In some countries, the permission of both parties is necessary. Multiple apps are now used for recording calls while following the limitations, restrictions, and obstacles. 


Google’s Limitations for Call Recording on Android

Google doesn’t permit specifically third parties to record calls on Android. As a result, multiple limitations are added in Android to stop apps from call recording. It applies more restrictions on Android 10 and blocks call recording using a microphone. But, the app developers take some steps and start call recording using Android Accessibility Service which was also prevented by Google in the updated developer policy in April 2022 and give the call recording action as spyware. 

How to use Automatic Call Recorder?

The Automatic Call Recorder is an easy-to-use call with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Simply, download the app, launch it, and grant asking permissions by the app including recording audio, access to contact, phone calls management, and access to media. It also warns the user about Google Play restrictions. You can enable the auto-call recorder by following the given steps;

  1. It is applicable for Android 10 and above.
  2. Go to settings and tap to ‘Turn On’ button for enabling the accessibility service.
  3. Allow ‘Call Recorder’ to enter under Downloaded apps.
  4. Enable the ‘Use Call Recorder’ switch.
  5. Give full control of your device to the app and go back to the program.
  6. Enable/disable the auto-recording of calls from Settings.
  7. Select the specific calls for recording.
  8. You can set the recording volume also.
  9. You can save the recorded call with the addition of notes. 

Organized Interface

The app offers a fully organized interface with easy access to all features. You can store the important calls and delete unnecessary calls. It is better to select an auto or manual call recording process because the auto recording will record every call on your phone. You can add notes with saved calls to remember the important information. The synchronization with cloud storage also helps you to store your important recorded calls on Google Drive, Dropbox, and any other you have. You can select the destination folders for storing your recorded calls. 

Change the Default Settings

The app offers three different settings for auto-recording such as;

  1. By default setting, you can record every phone call automatically. It is including with all coming as well as outgoing calls, but not the contacts that are ignored from settings.
  2. Ignore everything is the option where only selected calls are recorded and any others.
  3. Ignore Contacts where you can record unknown calls without recording any contact calls. 
  4. Pro Version only is the option for recording specific calls and saving them into cloud storage automatically. 

Pro Version

The pro version is also available with multiple advanced features along with an ads-free option. You can avail weekly subscription for $6.99, or a monthly subscription for $14.99, and the subscription will be renewed after one year. You can disable the subscription from settings.  

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