Whatsapp Plus for Android 17.50.0

Sep 18, 2021 - WhatsApp Plus (Freeware)
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Whatsapp Plus Apk is a modded version of Whatsapp like GBWhatsapp. Try the mod to maximize the potentiality of your application and enjoy unlimited features such as send huge files, change themes, hide you’re last seen, and stay scarcely offline, and a lot more. Totally based on YoWhatsapp APK offered by Alex Modes, without any irritating ads and complications while messaging. 

if you windows user try it Whatsapp for PC


Whatsapp Plus Apk Features

Installation Process

The app is very easy and simple to use. You can install it within few seconds. Just follow the simple instructions such as;

  1. Click on the link below and download Whatsapp Plus on your mobile.
  2. Now download the APK app and start installation on your device.
  3. Click on the option “Backup” if you want to backup your conversation, for the purpose first open Setting>chats>Backup.
  4. Wait for backup of your whole chat history.
  5. After installation follows the simple auto-process of entering your phone number and verify it through OPT code.
  6. Enter your name and mobile number and start chatting with your friends and family.

Encryption and Filtration of Messages

Keep your required messages by using the filter option, just click the option and delete all messages and save your important messages. Additionally, your messages transfer to the Whatsapp servers with not no access of any third party while using MAC address as well as special Encryption Key.  

Hide Online Contents

Whatsapp+ offers some secret tricks such as you can hide your online status, double ticks, blue ticks, as well as you’re last seen. The app will enable your online status to be shone offline to your friends. And you can hide your “typing” status also. Additionally, use the cleaner feature for clearing out all of your unnecessary messages and other extra content.

Customize your Interface

Unlike an official app, the modes offer unlimited customization options, you can create your own themes, select versatile and attractive themes from the library of 700, change the main chatting screen and color of text, widgets, popup notifications, and media sharing. Select Header Icon as well as contact name color, use Custom Wallpaper, change the size of the message and hyperlink color, and a lot more. A great variety of emoticons of Google Hangouts is for displaying your feelings in the best way. Change your app background with the help of an amazing variety of wallpapers.

Auto Reply of Messages

Click on the +sign as well as the Edit Like icon for replying to your messages automatically. A great variety of high-quality images for sharing is possible via Whatsapp Plus.


Immobilize voice calls

The option can save you from any type of worry, as by mistake tapping on the voice call button will send it to the respective person and can cause any problem, especially at night time. Just click on the option and close it for a specific time.

Text Scheduler

Select the time of sending a text to your friend, and the message scheduler will send your text on time automatically. An easy way to save your time and meet greet your friends any time you want. As well as share Docs, TXT, PDF, and a lot more file formats easily.

Ban-Proof & numerous Accounts

A secure app with a ban-proof guarantee, as well as 4 accounts can be created, enjoy the wonders of personal as well as professional life.

Copy-paste Status

Unlike the original app, you can copy any other user’s WhatsApp status and paste it on your status while using the clipboard option. Additionally, 255 characters are available for status.  


Share limitless videos

Upload huge-sized videos and share them easily. The log to track option informs you about online friends. You can also change the default Video Player and set MX Player as your default one. 

Multiple Tasks

The app supports multiple languages such as English, French, Chinese, Hindi, and some others. You can add up to 8 persons in your group calling, send 50 MB audio/video files, and get file modification from 2 MB to 50 MB. 

Privacy & Security

Along with privacy protocols, the app very easily gets rid of the issues about hiding status in the official Whatsapp. You can intact your privacy without sacrificing to see such from your friends. You can disable the second tick, recording notification, and even opening any audio file. Use a password before opening the app gives more security than the original one where you have to use any third-party app for security. Additionally, the logs and history feature enables you to track down your Whatsapp activities along with the information of the opening and closing of the app. 

Large Media Sharing

The anti-ban proof mod including with HD Video Call option enables you to manually set the quality, size, and limit of files from 2 MB to 100 MB. The size of a video file is 30 MB and the documents would be 100MB. Create a group of 256 people and share 10 photos at a time. 


Switching from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus

Back up your Whatsapp content to your internal storage or Gmail for switching from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus. Just follow the simple steps for the purpose such as;

  1. Open the app, click on the three dots on the right corner of the app.
  2. A list of features will be open, select Setting from the list.
  3. Next, click on the “Chat” option.
  4. Tap the “Chat Backup” option.
  5. Click the green backup option from the Chat Backup menu.
  6. The auto-backup process will start.
  7. Download the Whatsapp plus APK on your device.
  8. Sign in with your mobile number.
  9. Click on the “Restore” option, an auto-checking of backup and restore will restore your latest chat history.
  10. Use the process and migrate to Whatsapp Plus without losing your chat history.

Main Features

  • A modded version of Whatsapp
  • Totally based on YoWhatsapp APK
  • Encryption and Filtration of Messages
  • Hide Online Contents
  • Customize your Interface
  • Auto Reply of Messages
  • Text Scheduler
  • Ban-Proof & numerous Accounts
  • Immobilize voice calls
  • Copy-paste Status
  • Share limitless videos
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Privacy & Security
  • Large Media Sharing