How to Make Hamachi a Home Network

Aug 27, 2023 - How-To


With the help of this instruction, you can convert Hamachi to a home network on Windows 10. Because it enables remote file access and other actions on other machines, the Hamachi service is well-liked among freelancers. However, what if you no longer require this? Follow our guidelines to restore your PC’s privacy!

How can I switch the Hamachi network from public to private in Windows 10?

The name that appears in the pull-down menus for the server and client must first be changed. Set the computer names for “-client” and “-server” as well. It will make it easier for you to organize them afterward. Once the installation is complete, follow the instructions to configure or modify the Hamachi network on Windows 10. Uncheck it by going to Settings Network connections Hamachi.

For every device in your Hamachi network, repeat these procedures. Make sure that the network adapter is hosted with a value of 9000 or greater. Following the initial connection, the system should switch the network type to “home“. It implies that this network can only be accessed by reliable devices. Hitachi won’t function if it is made public.

You may quickly convert Hamachi to a home network on Windows 10 if your PC is wired to the network by taking the steps below: network settings under “Network & Internet.” Select the Network Category as Private under Ethernet’s Properties.

How to configure or modify a Hamachi network on a Windows 10

Even a novice may complete the setup process with the aid of a decent guide. What you should do to switch Hamachi to your home network is as follows:

  1. Install the app on other computers.
  2. Select Set up a new connection under Settings Network Network & Sharing.
  3. Enter the network name and password for Himachi. Set the hardware to have it as a priority.

Installing and configuring the Hamachi client should come first. You can adjust its settings and switch Hamachi to a private network only after that.

Visit the official LogMeIn Hamachi website to get the Hamachi client.

  1. Install it on your computer by following the instructions in the wizard.
  2. Locate the Power button in the top-left corner of the Hamachi client while it is open. Just click it.
  3. Locate the Network and choose to Establish a new network. Setting up a new connection is another name for it in some versions.
  4. Write down your network’s name and develop a secure password.
  5. Select the type of network. It could be hub-and-spoke or mesh.
  6. To construct a new network, click the construct virtual button.
  7. Give other users your network username and password.

The primary distinction between those Hamachi setup varieties is that Mesh allows peer-to-peer communication between computers. All communication in the hub-and-spoke architecture should go through the main computer.

Join additional devices to your personal Hamachi network.

After setting up Hamachi on your primary computer’s Windows operating system, follow these instructions for other devices:

  1. Select the Power virtual button after starting Hamachi.
  2. Select a Network Sign up for an existing network.
  3. Record the network’s name and password.

Choosing Join will allow you to join your Hamachi network.

Setting up the network and users

Once you’ve connected machines to your Hamachi network, follow these steps to modify its settings:

  1. Open the Hamachi program.
  2. Select Property. You can modify your name, password, IP address, VPN, and many more complex options here.
  3. Select the Members tab and then the Add Member or Remove Member buttons to add or remove members.
  4. Assign rights to each new user when adding them to Hamachi on Windows 10.

How do I remove a gateway from Hamachi?

Simply remove the Hamachi adapter from your computer’s hardware. Therefore, there won’t be anything to link. This instruction will help you complete it quickly:

  1. Select Network Adapters from Device Manager.
  2. Select Uninstall under Hamachi.
  3. Follow the wizard’s directions exactly.

Delete the Hamachi keys from the system registry if this doesn’t work. Changing the network status of Hamachi on the Windows 10 computer should be helpful. You could resume working after this.

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