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ISkysoft PDF Editor Professional works in the fastest way to create PDF files, merge, and edit them while modifying the text, watermarks, header, footer, pages, and background. It also converts the PDF files into multiple famous formats. The program offers full control over PDF files with multiple transmission possibilities. A simple interface enables you to navigate easily and perform all required modifications without any change in your formatting and style of documents. 

iSkysoft PDF Editor Clean & Appealing Interface

The simple installation process leads you to the main screen of the app. the main window consists of multiple panes that enable you to multiple tools after loading a document such as underlining, highlighting, editing, OCR scanning, and so on. On the left side pane, the standard view of a document is available. On the right pane, all edit changing are displayed. It is also possible to transfer the document from the left pane to the right pane for rearranging. You can start the work by tapping to ‘Open’ button and using multiple styles such as splitting, merging pages, extracting exclusive pages, or inserting a fresh one. 


OCR identification

Modify everything related to documents from fonts to styles even maintaining the original form of formatting. The latest technology OCR (Optical character recognition) enables you to search as well as select documents in more than 20 languages. Additionally, this technology avoids manually bothering with analyzing files without changing their originality. Spelling correction is possible using the in-built spellchecker. Auto-adjustment of paragraphs and lines in a text is also possible. 

Extract & Convert PDF Files

Similarly to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can also convert the PDF files into different styles such as changing them into images, plain or rich text, HTML or EPUB format. Split the PDF files into different small docs using different formats. Save the files or extract them where you want. In case of not editing the file, an auto-converting feature will convert your document into Word, HTML, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on. You are also enabling batch converting of files. 


Create & Combine PDF Files

The powerful recognition technology enhances business productivity while transforming business deals into attractive forms to save your time and physical energy. Just an exclusive click can create an editable PDF form where you can add buttons and boxes.  It also offers the same rules for extraction to activate PDF files that can be easily extracted. Only a few recognized content creation editors are available and iSkysoft is one of them that offers multiple options to solve the huge problems related to PDF editing such as 300 file format supporting, file merging, exclusive page recognition, batch PDF creation, and organizing the files into a suitable indexing method. 

Text editing & Customization

Editing PDF files is one of the most complicated and delicate works and you will find the program as a most authentic and cool text editor. It makes your text completely organized and enables you to fix problems with offline documents without losing the formatting or original layout of your document. The OCR technology changes your words, lines, or even entire paragraph. Multiple fonts, styles, and premade templates facilitate the editing process smoothly. a lot of other customizing features like watermarking, overlay, and configuration options give your text an attractive look. 


Fool-proof Security

Fool-proof security enables you to save and share your data without any tension of going into the wrong hands. 256-bit AES password encryption is employed for protecting your critical or sensitive data. You can manage and create digital signatures, and adjust content with the assignment of permissions for team members. One thing is important to understand, it is best for teamwork instead of doing exclusively, as it offers a complete suite of collaborating features. You can perform different tasks such as commenting, highlighting, adding stamps, annotating, and adding shapes and arrows with the same style perfectly. 

Final Words

iSkysoft PDF Editor is one of the most popular text editings as well as converting tools. The perfect and appealing interface with all basic functionalities makes your work easier and smoother. It supports 300 file formats and 20 languages for converting purposes. You will find all text editing tools to arrange, organize, edit, review, convert, and protect your PDF documents. 


  • OCR scan performance
  • Add multiple styles and fonts
  • Edit smoothly


  • You can’t sign or certify the PDF documents
App NameiSkysoft PDF Editor
Latest Version5.0
UpdateMay 23, 2024
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