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Jan 30, 2024 - Abu3rab Free

Blue Whatsapp Download APK is the latest version mod of Whatsapp along with a blue appearance that gives several cool features.

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Blue Whatsapp Download Apk is another impressive modded version of Whatsapp along with the capability of customizing colors and themes. Whatsapp as an authentic communication application is used by billions of people worldwide. It is embedded with multiple features, but users want more and the result is the development of multiple MODs such as GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, FM Whatsapp, and so on while offering several fantastic features from privacy to customization. 

Time went when sending messages from one side of the world to the other side was quite difficult. The past generation was unable to connect their loved one’s case of living in two different parts of the world. They have fewer resources, but time has changed and technology makes everything possible while offering the best tactics to perform tasks easily. Along with all facilities, a lot of complexities are also added such as our privacy and security. 

Similar to Whatsapp, the mods also developed with surety of privacy and security. You will find around every popular mode embedded with end-to-end encryption, and Whatsapp Blue is one of them. You can reliably use it for sending your messages, sharing your personal data, and making business deals as well. 

What is Blue Whatsapp?

Blue Whatsapp Plus, as the name shows, is a combination of blue colors with easy customization as you like. It is developed by FouadMODS and supports Android devices of 5.0 and higher. It offers all demanding features to satisfy the users a lot. You can customize colors, themes, backgrounds, and all other stuff related to your chat screen. No bother about disconnecting the internet for all applications, simply use DND mode and enjoy other apps or browsing online. Customizing privacy for any single chat is possible and use the secret word to close your chat as well. The downside of the app is that you can’t use it for iPhone or iPad. You can download the HeyMods version of Blue Whatsapp


Difference between Whatsapp and Blue Whatsapp

The main difference between the app is the color theme of your chat screen. The official app has a green theme whereas Blue Whatsapp offers blue color for the interface and the app. we know, Whatsapp is officially developed and used by billions of people around the world. It may be one of the earlier instant messaging apps. Gradually, users started to demand some extra from Whatsapp specially customizing as well as privacy features, but there is not any progress by the developers because of international terms. The result is the development of different mods of Whatsapp such as Blue Whatsapp gives satisfaction to the users. Both are instant messaging apps and deliver the same services. Whatsapp is an official app and verified, but mod may be banned or has the threat of multiple privacy issues. 

Features of Blue Whatsapp

Blue Interface

The cool blue color of the interface makes you free from the boring typical green interface. So avoid the green color and switch to blue and have all the important features of the instant messaging app. the modded version displays everything in elegant blue color without any contrast. The best option for the lover of blue color.

Backup & Restore

Backup is the basic requirement of any instant messaging. It enables the users to restore their chat from the old device to the new device. Blue Whatsapp also offers a backup of your Whatsapp chat to upload to your new device. So it is the best way of managing your entire old chat including group chat without losing your content. 

Hide your Online Status

You are capable of hiding your last seen as well as online status from your viewers. It is a wonderful feature specifically in case of your other important online activities. It saves you to reply on the spot even if you have seen the message also. 

Customize your Screen

As we know, the entire interface is in blue color, but it is not forever, as you can change it any time if you like. So don’t worry and go ahead with the app and select any other things to change as your choice. You will find it quite similar to the official app, but it has the option to customize according to your choice. 

Download Media

No need of taking threats from third parties in case of using a third-party downloader for downloading your favorite content from Whatsapp. The app offers a built-in downloader for downloading your favorite status of your friends or the person whom you can’t say the send the status to you. Simply, click to enable the downloader and it will download and save to your device. 

Text to Unsaved Contacts

If you have to contact any person on a temporary basis and don’t want to add him/her to your contact list. It is not possible with an original app to send messages to any unknown person. But, with Blue Whatsapp, you can contact any unknown person send him/her messages and easily remove all chat from your screen. 

Offline Messaging

If you do have not an internet connection at any time and want to text someone. Type your message and hit the send option. The message will be saved to your server in the app and sent to your contact as soon as you are online. 


Change into iPhone Style

The app has the option of changing the UI to iPhone style. If you are bored with the old style, easily change the UI, and give it a new look to enjoy the new style with multiple amazing features.

Stay Logged in

It makes you free from saving your password and other information to your device at all times. It will save your password and information to its database automatically. So click the icon of the app and go to your main screen without going to log in the process as you are already logged in. 

Group Chatting

You can create a group while inviting a lot of people to your group. Simply go to your group and create a conference call with the addition of multiple people. No doubt, the best choice for organizing group meetings as well as celebrating a family event. Additionally, you can tackle multiple amazing features while going to the official website of the app. 

Free access

You can use the app for contacting around the world without spending a penny. It is free of charge and connects you with your loved ones anytime from any part of the world. It requires only an internet connection and the person you are chatting with must have the app downloaded on his/her device.


Enable the auto-reply option from the settings and select some messages that commonly match with your current position. The feature will send a message to your loved ones automatically to save you from any type of confusion. Similarly, you can schedule a message for any upcoming event related to someone special and you are in the hassle of forgetting the exact date or time. Simply, type your wish message, fix the date and time, and forget all about it. The feature will send the message on time and date. 

Fool-proof Privacy

Avail of strong privacy features to make your personal chatting app safe and secure. You can use the built-in app locker to lock your entire app or any special chat screen. Simply, use the fingerprint, Facelock, or PIN code to hide everything. You can use the anti-delete feature for reading or watching the deleted message from your sender before you see them. Same as, hiding your private chat screen from your family or friends. 

Customize your Screen

Multiple customizing features such as editing the header, chat screen, and user interface are available. Customizing the notification messages and widgets is also possible. You can change the fonts, wallpapers, and themes of the app also. You will find a large variety of themes offered by the app and can create your own also. Similarly, you will find different fonts i.e. Monotype Corsiva, Calibri, Jokerman, and Bookman Old Style, fonts used in Microsoft Word, and so on. 

Hide Multiple Online Activities

If your typing speed is slow and feel bothered to write while chatting with any of your friends. Head to the Settings of the app and enable the ‘hide typing or recording’ option.  Hide double as well as blue ticks from your chatting screen to let the sender unknown whether you have seen the messages or not. 

Use of Stickers

The app regularly updates trendy and cool stickers for you to use and make your conversation attractive and funny. You also have the ability to clean the unneeded messages and other unnecessary content from the app using a built-in cleaner.  


How to turn off the Blue Ticks?

  • Open the app on your device.
  • Head to the Settings option and scroll down to the Privacy option.
  • Click the Privacy option and select the ‘Read Receipts’ option.
  • Click the option to turn it off.
  • Restart the app and enjoy the amazing feature.

How to Download and Install Blue Whatsapp?

The downloading as well as installing process of the app is very simple while following the given installation guide. You can download it from any authentic website as it is third-party development and may not be available on Play Store. 

  • Click on the ‘Download APK’ button given on the page.
  • Wait for a few seconds for completing the downloading process.
  • The downloaded APK file will be automatically stored in your File Manager or you can specify the location for the purpose. 
  • Open your device’s Settings and scroll down for the Security option.
  • Select ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable them.
  • This will allow the installation of third-party content on your device.
  • The step is only for devices that are under Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • Go to your File Manager to locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Click the file to open it and tap to ‘Install’ button to start the installation process.
  • Allow Permission option for accessing your device’s storage.
  • On completing the installation process, log in to your account if you already have.
  • In case of creating a new account, enter your password, phone number, and user name.
  • Verify your phone number by entering the OTP code that is received on your device. 

Required Permissions

The app will ask for multiple Permissions from your device to perform reliably and smoothly. You need to allow all permissions such as Send SMS, Record Audio, Vibrate, Kill Background Tasks, Internet Access, Access Device Location, Access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC, Get Account, Read Contacts, Modify Audio Settings, Write Contacts, Write External Storage, and Use Maps Services. 


  • Several privacy options are available that satisfy the user to use the app without any hesitation, as they can save their private chat and make it foolproof.
  • 100% safe and secure from any type of interference of malicious content or malware.
  • Anti-ban feature gives you bother-free usage of the app, as the feature makes sure of the availability of the app in any case.
  • Unlimited sharing of media is an important feature that makes the app prominent from the official app. 


  • The app is not available for iOS devices.


How can I download Blue Whatsapp?

You can download Blue Whatsapp from any authentic website because it is third-party development and may not be available on Play Store.

Is Blue Whatsapp safe or not?

The app is available with an anti-ban feature and offers hassle-free services, you can use it without any threat of malicious content or malware.

How can I update Blue Whatsapp?

You will receive a notification about any new update, or you can update it from the official website of the app.

Is it possible to send messages to blocked contacts?

No, it is not possible; you can send messages to unsaved contacts only.

Final Words

Blue Whatsapp is one of the most favorite modded versions of Whatsapp. It offers the interface in cool elegant blue color that inspires the users a lot. If you are a lover of the blue color and irritate with the typical boring green interface of the official app. move to the amazing mod with multiple unique and fantastic features such as creating groups of up to 256 people, unlimited sharing of media, several customization features, and so on. In the end, we advise you to use the modded version as a secondary account and not the primary one. 

App NameBlue Whatsapp
Latest Version30.10
UpdateJan 30, 2024
Size(72.91 MB)
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