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Best Instagram Photo and Video Downloader apps are offering a great service; as we did have not the option of downloading our favorite Insta.

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Instagram as one of the most popular socio-sharing apps delivers a lot of content on a daily basis. Millions of users are using the app, and a lot of us love to watch photos and videos uploaded by our friends and other branded community. Most of the photos or videos attract us, and we want to save them to watch offline, but, Instagram has not the option to download any content.

Multiple third-party developers have tried to resolve the irritating issues and developed several image downloaders for Instagram. Are you in search of such an option? And want to know, what are the most demanding image downloaders for Instagram? How can we use them? The answers to all questions are given below for your ease. Please read the entire review and reliably select your favorite from the given list. 

12 Best Instagram Photo and Video Downloaders

1) DownloadGram

DownloadGram is the best solution for downloading Instagram photos, videos, reels, and IGTV within seconds. Simply copy the URL of the photo or video, paste it into the search box of the app, hit the generated download link, and save the downloaded content to your local storage. One downside of the app, you can’t download private videos using it.



  • A User-friendly interface gives quick access to your required content.
  • It is straightforward and trustworthy.
  • Download all types of content including IGTV videos.
  • It is free of cost.

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2) Free Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader offers a free-of-cost downloading process for Instagram photos and videos without demanding any additional software installation. Avail hassle-free saving process of Instagram selfies. Simply input the name of your friend or the person you want to download the pictures, entire content uploaded by her/him will be in front of you, select photos individually, or as a whole to download in a zip file. 


Unfortunately, the app has not browser bookmarklet, and you have to go to the website all time. It is the best and easy-to-use downloader for Instagram videos and snapshots.

Main Features

  • Download the entire uploaded content of your favorite user and save it in a zip file.
  • The intuitive interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • Offers fast and reliable downloading.
  • Doesn’t need any additional installation. 
  • It supports proxy and VPNs.

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3) Qoob

Qoob is an energetic app as a downloader of Instagram viewers and mass stories. It enables the users to download captions also along with saving the stories, highlights, photos, and videos from both types of Instagram accounts; Public and Private. 


Simply download the app, and have fun with a nice and safe browsing experience to download the stories and highlights.

Main Features

  • You can upload new posts and stories automatically that are saved on your device.
  • Transfer the stories or posts tagged you to your system.
  • Avail all your bookmarked Instagram content on your Device.
  • Fast-speed download process with a well-organized interface. 

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4) Image Downloader for Instagram

The app can be used as an extension for several browsers including Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, and proves the best downloader for Instagram images. It is simple and easy to use; simply a “Download” button has been added for all Instagram pictures. The downloading process automatically transfers the Insta pics to your storage by default. It is upon you to select high-quality image formats only. 

Main Features

  • The extension can be enabled or disabled using the toolbar button. 
  • The configuration options are not available.
  • The intuitive interface is organized and user-friendly.
  • The content is downloaded in high-quality.
  • It can download one photo at one time.

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5) InstaSaver Downloader

The app with a data encryption feature offers the fastest downloading process for Instagram pictures and reels. The interface is simple and easy to use even reliable for novices. It is 100% safe and secure without any interference from bugs or malware. Packed with multiple latest features the app is extremely versatile and offers free-of-cost services to Instagram users.

Main Features

  • The fastest performance of the downloader enables the users to avail their favorite content easily.
  • The data encryption feature makes the app completely foolproof.
  • The User-friendly interface helps to download Instagram videos and images easily. 
  • 100% secure app without entry of any malicious content. 
  • Repost your Instagram content right from the app.
  • The built-in offline player enables the users to take a quick preview of the downloaded content. 

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6) 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is another powerful desktop Instagram client that enables users to avail of their favorite Instagram content anytime. It is freeware, cross-platform, and open-source with easy to use interface that enables users to save creative selfie ideas. 


Download the app, enter the username or Link of your required content, and hit the ‘Follow User’ option. Now you are a follower of the account and easily get access to the content uploaded by the person. But, it is the feature for the Pro version, in the free version; you are capable of following only two persons at one time. 

Main Features

  • It is possible to download content from the private account of Instagram.
  • Save your favorite highlights and stories.
  • Multiple pics can be downloaded simultaneously.
  • The minimalist interface offers fast and quick access to your favorite content.
  • Support MP4 format.
  • The free version is limited.

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7) InstaSave

InstaSave offers a reliable downloading process for Instagram while allowing you to download photos, videos, albums, reels, IGTV, multimedia, and so on. All the process is free of cost, easy to install, and requires not any login or sign-up process. 


The simple and easy-to-use interface offers quick navigation options. It is including with three simple steps and offers an auto-downloading process for your favorite content. 

Main Features

  • Simply bookmark your favorite content and transfer it to your local storage.
  • Save the links of Instagram posts, and use them later anytime you want.
  • Download your favorite stories from Instagram.
  • Data privacy can also be maintained easily.

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8) FastSave

The powerful app offers a reliable way of saving creative ideas from Instagram successfully. You are capable of downloading your favorite content, viewing it even offline time, and reposting the photos without a watermark. It enables you to download videos or photos without any limit at one time. 


It is basically designed for Android apps and is very popular among users around the world along with 10 Million downloads.  Simply copy the link of your favorite Insta Post, paste it in the search box, and let the tool carry the rest of the process. Download videos, reels, posts, images, and even from private accounts in high quality.

Main Features

  • The interface is easy to use while displaying the downloaded content at the top of the main screen.
  • The dashboard offers everything well managed.
  • It is very easy to repost, share, and delete photos, and videos. 
  • You can create a private location for saving your private videos.
  • Avail high-quality content.

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9) InstaGet

InstaGet is another handy tool for downloading Instagram content without going to an Insta account all time. You can download videos, photos, and reels, but not private content, and you require permission from the original owner before reposting the content from your own account. The user-friendly interface is looking very nice, and interactive, and has not any demand for the login process. 

The easy and straightforward tool also enables users to copy hashtags and captions also. It offers the direct saving option to your local storage with the ability to watch offline. It is 100% safe and secure without any threat of viruses or malware.

Main Features

  • The simple downloading process includes with copy/paste option.
  • Offers premium quality features.
  • Free-of-charge services.
  • Fast and effective performance.
  • Copy and save tags right from the app.
  • Frequently delivery ads create irritation.

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10) IGDownloader

It is the same as DownloadGram with the capability of downloading Instagram profiles, IGTV, reels, Avatar, and so on. You can download private Instagram photos, and videos, and watch any of your friend’s profiles in high quality, or even download them. The app is compatible with all devices including PCs, Macs, tablets, etc. It is completely free of charge.


Main Features

  • Download videos and photos from any type of socio-sharing app in high quality.
  • Support profile downloading process also.
  • Hassle-free downloading process for all digital devices.

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It is also the most powerful Android app for downloading Instagram videos, photos, reels, and other such content. It enables the users to repost Insta pics without watermarks. It is very easy and simple to use while offering the ‘Copy share URL’ option that gives access to all of your favorite content. 


Moreover, you are capable of scheduling your post for uploading for the preferred time, and multiple other functionalities. Download the Insta stories and save them to your phone storage easily. 

Main Features

  • Not any in-app purchase is available.
  • You are capable of enabling/disabling watermarks.
  • It supports TikTok videos.
  • Custom signatures can also be added to the downloaded media.
  • It slows down sometimes and also has advertisements. 
  • The free version is limited.

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12) ByClick Downloader

The tool also offers the best downloading functionality while supporting 40+ Scio-sharing apps including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. an exclusive click, and download playlist or an entire channel on your device. Avail of the auto-detection of web pages with the option of downloading.

Main Features

  • The user-friendly interface is simple and fast.
  • Supports all popular websites i.e. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, DailyMotion, and so on.
  • Download videos in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K. 
  • Convert videos to MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, WAV, AAC, and M4A. 
  • Batch downloading is also possible.
  • Download the entire playlist and channels with one click. 

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Final Words

The Instagram Photo and Video Downloader apps are offering a great service; as we did have not the option of downloading our favorite Insta content before, but now multiple downloaders are available for the purpose. The apps help us to download content in HD resolution and in JPEG formats also. If you are interested, please read the review, and easily select any of them according to your device. 


What is Instagram Downloader?

Instagram downloaders are third-party apps for enabling users to download and save Instagram photos, videos, posts, stories, and IGTV videos.

What are some popular Instagram Downloaders?

1. Inflact
2. 4K Stogram
3. Qoob
4. Free Instagram Downloader
5. FastSave
6. InstaGet
7. InstaSave

How can I select the best Instagram Downloader?

One thing that is important is that the downloader should be free of cost, and has a feature that better matches your device.

Are Instagram downloaders legal?

Yes, the downloaders are legal, and it is upon you to download only public content and in the case of private content, you need to get permission from the owner.

Is Instagram Downloader safe to use?

Yes, the apps are 100% safe and secure and do have not any threat of bugs.

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